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HITOP Artop group has a powerful platform, with the design platform as the core, integration with each regional’s innovative resources, the whole industry chain model linked with industrial chain platform, high-end manufacturing platform, culture and technology platform, research and development platform, brand strategy platform, it brought together with the resources of high-end manufacturing mold factory of the high-end segment from the industrial chain, provided to the development of mold manufacturing as the core, injection molding, product assembly as one professional high- end manufacturing services. With the outstanding ability of the integrated high-end manufacturing resources, it makes HITOP to promote its design engineering, design of high-end mold and development and manufacturing of high-end mold and others advantages to be further move into international, connect with international, and accept the standard of international mold. The high-end of the modern professional production equipment and the strict product standard, can guarantee the output quality of mold products. The quality of product can be inspected, with the best services! Your request,will be the greatest goal of HITOP, we are sincerely to work with you, and create a boutique business together.

Offline Consultation:
  • Please quote: Product CAD files、requirement of mold and information of injection molding、expected response time and etc, send to our marketing department and personnel; you can use any kind of these methods below, to contact with our marketing department representatives.
  • (1).Send the relevant documents by email.
    •We use super space email, the size of file can be up to 500MB
    •2D file format can be.dwg / .dxf /.pdf and so on
    •3D file format can be.igs /.prt /.step /.x_t and so on.
  • (2).Upload your information to our FTP address. This can be completely writable’s anonymous space, when you need to use our FTP to upload information, please kindly contact our marketing department representative, or contact us by the following methods : Send email to
  • (3).Please send your sample、CD disc or copy documents directly to us by the following address :
    HITOP INDUSTRIAL LIMITED 2nd floor Marketing deparment No.63, East Zhen An Road, Xiaobian, Changan, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China
    We will reply you as soon as possible.
Online Consultation: