• To conduct all business in the form of sustainable development.
Responsibility of Society
After more than ten years of development, HITOP in scale growing at the same time, carry out the corporate social responsibility actively, consciously put the corporate social responsibility into the company's strategy, enterprise culture and the production and operation activities, strives to promote the harmonious development of economy, environment and society. To conduct all business in the form of sustainable development, in the process of plastic product development, production and manufacturing in adhere to the principle of environmental protection, and strives to improve the level of technology and equipment, reduce the waste material in the process of using resources, to meet customer demand for products at the same time, carry out the corporate social responsibility, committed to become the world's top plastic product solution provider.
Sustainable development

With the rapid development of manufacturing in China, wants to keep its own unique attitude in the fierce market competition, HITOP always adhere to the sustainable development strategy. Technology progress is the important support of sustainable development, HITOP in the use of its own advanced core technology to provide customers with satisfactory products and services at the same time, continue to research and develop the new technology of plastic mold,break through cooperating, achieve industrial connectivity. HITOP will have the ability of manufacture、information flow and logistics in a wide range, to make the social economic activities become more precise, reduce the redundancy and waste of resources, form the new strategy of sustainable development.

Environmental Protection

In terms of environmental protection, HITOP follows the principle of circular economy, and assume the social responsibility. HITOP knows the development of enterprise cannot without environmental protection, and the environmental protection also cannot depart from the support of the development of the enterprise, this two complement each other. So, choose the circular economy development mode, is the only win-win option for the development of enterprise and environmental. HITOP knows the environment is a valuable resource, so it abandons the traditional mode of production of high pollution、 high emissions, not to take at the expense of the environment for economic benefits, try to use various methods and advanced production technology to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, to make the environmental cost internalization.To prevent pollution, maintain the ecological balance, and create an enterprise green competitiveness.