• To provide customers with mold development and production of manufacturing integration solutions.
Mangement Structure
HITOP organization chart

The good development of enterprise needs a rational organizational structure as the support, HITOP has the general manager as the leading core of the overall architecture, takes duty in the various departments, to provide customers with mold development and manufacturing integration solutions. HITOP has a team which is experienced in mold development and production of manufacturing management team, very know mold production in every process, actively cooperate with in the process of mold production and regulating departments and work together, to produce a scientific and reasonable distribution function. HITOP has an intelligent team structure, ensure the mould with high precision, long life, high efficiency, and high quality to meet customer requirements, to achieve a smooth production of customer products. Furthermore, the high-end of equipment technical support and professional staff with rigorous attitude has helped HITOP in the mould industry has rapid development and lay for a good basic.

Business Structure

HITOP has an outstanding professional ability and strong ability of the industrial chain resources , has been committed to providing customers with: technology integration、the product model、 mould design and production、semi-finished coating process、 and injection molding plastic products and product assembly and other series content integration solution; For clients with specific needs to provide a separate process of personalized custom services.During the process of division of global industrial chain , China plays the role of the manufacturer; HITOP "made from manufacturing, higher than manufacturing",in providing world-class companies with in the process of plastic mould service, in the low value-added manufacturing set up their own value-added ability system, become the numerous well-known brands of strategic partner.

Production output and yield

Annual production is 150 million, and the annual output is more than 800 sets of moulds; In the past 12 years, there are more than 5000 sets of high quality moulds and millions of pieces products being exported.

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